We are a family owned and operated Asphalt Paving Company that has been servicing the greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years. We specialize in asphalt, concrete pavement, paving stones, and excavating. Our team strives to deliver quality service and quality workmanship with each and every job. If you are on a small budget to repair your driveway or need to accommodate a large commercial job or parking lot, call on us at 800-3-WAY-PAVE today for a free estimate.  Calling local? You may reach us in Los Angeles (310) 277-4258 or San Fernando Valley (818) 993-1978.

We offer 3 Ways to Pave: Asphalt Paving, Concrete Paving, and Paving Stones

We’re one of the best asphalt contractors in Southern California!

We service the following areas: Los Angeles county, Ventura county,

Orange county, San Bernardino county, Riverside county

EXPERIENCE: We are a full service paving contractor that is backed by many years of experience. These years of experience have trained our team in up to date technical expertise. Our company holds a C-12 license which qualifies our company to work in asphalt, concrete, paving stones, and excavating.

INSURANCE: Every employee is fully protected by worker’s compensation. We carry a liability policy.

QUALITY WORKMANSHIP: When we finish a job, you can be assured that the best workmanship and material was applied. Our team is committed to providing the best service in the industry. We repair and resurface commercial parking lots, private roads, driveways and residential pavements.

Inspection by the client to satisfaction is our standard policy.

MODERN EQUIPMENT:  We use the latest and most modern paving equipment. Our automated asphalt paving machine allows us to lay hundreds of tons of asphalt a day. We’re equipped to handle any and all paving jobs professionally.



HL Caples  Lic# 860892

Los Angeles Paving Contractors

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If your asphalt pavement surface is badly broken up or has many cracks, then it is important to remove and replace the existing asphalt and to start with fresh, new asphalt to ensure long life of your pavement. Regular maintenance and resurfacing your existing asphalt pavement is another great way to protect your asphalt and extend the life of your pavement.  Call on us to assess the condition of your pavement, and we can best advise you of your asphalt repair options and provide a free estimate!

800-3-Way-Pave (392-9728)

310-ASPHALT (277-4258)